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The entire Liquid Gold Drinks range originates from the Vinicola Tombacco Winery. Located in Trebaseleghe, a rural town a few kilometers from the centre of Padua, Treviso and Venice, The Vinicola Tombacco Winery, though protected by the mountains, is in close proximity to the Adriatic sea. An established 100 year old company, Vinicola Tombacco has positioned itself very well in the International market, exporting wines from all Italian regions to hundreds of satisfied customers. They currently produce 10 million bottles per annum with the capabilities to double this if required.
With such ideal conditions the land generously gives the wine body from Liquid Gold its distinctive colour and its special refinement. The winery's renowned tradition and its widespread presence in the area also ensures it supplies companies with the best wines at very competitive prices. 

The metallic bottle packaging is the brainchild of Liquid Gold.  With a strong background in the fashion industry, we understand the need to dress up, and stand out, bringing a modern take on a historical product.  Injecting a new lease of life into an old way of life.



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