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Chateau Damase, Bordeaux Superieur 2010, FRANCE


Chateau Damase
Chateau Damase lies within the heart of the right bank of Bordeaux, overlooking the St Emilion and Pomerol. The soils are clay on limestone which provides sufficient water retention and alkalinity to produce a consistent and silky Merlot dominated wine. 
Chateau Damase is dominated by the King of the Right Bank grapes – Merlot which is superbly balanced fruit and acidity and mature, rounded tannins. This forms the backbone of the wine and gives it balance to last.

大馬士酒莊主要的葡萄是右岸之王 - 梅洛。這葡萄有著完美平衡的果香、酸度和成熟度,還有圓潤的單寧。這形成了葡萄酒的骨幹,並賦予它持續及平衡的味覺。

Chateau Damase, Bordeaux Superieur 2010, FRANCE

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