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Corporate Profile


About Milon Wine Company Limited (Headquarter)


Milon Wine (Milon Wine Co., Ltd) is founded as a wine brand operator, which coordinates viticulture and vinification, cellar chains management, sales and culture transmission.


The headquarter is located in Shunde District, Guangdong Province, a highly beautiful and prosperous place. So far, Milon Wine owns eight core brands with over 200 kinds of wines. It possesses favorable supply chain resources, building up the allied relationship with global top wine suppliers in famous production regions. It also has a deep strategic cooperation with China’s famous companies, such as New Pearl Ceramics Group, Guangdong Salting Group, Guangdong Runjing Trade Co. Ltd., Shanghai En Lihe Hotel Management Ltd. By way of origin direct-sales model applied into catering channel and value-added marketing promotion strategy, Milon Wine forms a complete direct-selling supply chain through cooperating with catering association stores.


Milon Wine’s business spreads all over the mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao, and offers top-quality service to all consumers, with the marketing centers separately in South, East and North China, and the top cellars in Wuhan city, Shandong Province and Mission Hills Shenzhen City.


Based on consumers ‘general consumption behavior, Milon Wine,  cooperating with strategic partners, focuses on establishing the integrated catering brand, and coordinating the dishes, environment and culture, in order to bring a perfect and real experience of “Fine Wine, Fine Food and Fun Life“ to all consumers.



About Milon Wine (Macau) Company Limited – Guangdong Milon Wine (Macau Office)


Our mission is to bring customers a unique experience of wine tasting and let it become an integral part of their quality lifestyle. Located in Guangdong, China, the headquarter supports the company with distribution network, wine brands development, brand & corporate management, staff training and development.


We envision to become one of the influential wine merchants in Greater China. Milon Wine carries wines from all over the old world and new world, covering France, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, United States, Chile, Argentina etc. We strive to source and fine tune our portfolio by bringing in wine of superior quality at the best price to all customers.

Drink responsibly and in moderation.

You must be over 18 years of age to order from Milonwine.

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