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UniVitis has been a major wine producer since 1984, with large volumes making it the top Bordeaux - South West association in France.  Also, the group distinguishes itself through the quality of its wines, as Bordeaux wine merchants often call on Univitis to develop their top brands. In addition to bulk business, which accounts for 50% of it’s output, Univitis offers a large range of superb chateau wines. The group has owned Chateau Les Vergnes, a renowned 120 hectare estate, since 1986, where the in-house winemakers are able to give their expertise full expression.

The vineyard of Château Les Ormeaux is owned by Jean-Pierre Stefanutto near Sainte-Foy-La Grande and covers 12 hectares. 10 hectares of the Estate are dedicated to the red wines. The grape varieties of Merlot, 63 %, Cabernet Franc, 22 %, and Cabernet Sauvignon, 15%, are planted on clayey and calcareous soils.  This red Bordeaux is well-balanced, and represents the traditional red Bordeaux style.

Drink responsibly and in moderation.

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